An exhibition
about 24/7 carers

Labour migration from Slovenia has always been as much feminine as masculine in Austria. Many of the female labour migrants have, and still continue to work in, (care) professions – in the so-called care sector. After ‘housemaids’ and nurses, who came in the 1970s along with many other labour migrants, nowadays carers who mostly work in professions that provide care in the southern Styrian region are predominant.

The exhibition Lines of Helpfocuses on the work of legally contracted carers. It traces the lines of their migratory journeys and shows what help from the 24/7 carer entails. It gives insight into job responsibilities, sheds light on working conditions and addresses problems of the home care system.

The exhibition Lines of Helpwas developed with participatory involvement of the carers. At their unanimous request, the carers specified the content, but they neither wanted to be shown nor mentioned by name, nor did they want to be involved in the curatorial concept and design of the exhibition. Because they have plenty of work anyway – and being professional is important to them: ‘We are carers and we do our work – you are a curator, so you should do your work’.

Created by

the Cultural Association Article VII Pavelhaus / Pavlova hiša f

Curator and exhibition author
Dipl. Museol. (FH)

Christine Braunersreuther

Curator and set designer

David Kranzelbinder (Pavelhaus / Pavlova hiša)

Conception of content

18 professional personal carers



Graphic design



Susanne Weitlaner (Pavelhaus / Pavlova hiša)

Artistic contributions

hoelb/hoeb, Jelena Micić, Clara Wildberger/Peter Lazarus/Veronika Muchitsch, Adina Camhy, Katarina Csanyiova, FPZ Z‘borke, Maj Fajfar, Ruth Rämbitsch, Dorothea Wagner, Dirndlbrand

Due to the measures taken to contain the Corona pandemic, there have been many changes to the entry and working conditions for 24/7 carers. The exhibition reflects this special situation in a ‘corona slide’, in which the specifics of the period since March 2020 are referred to in contrasting colours.